Stukafest is coming to Middelburg!

By Renske Wienen

It is almost there! On the 24th of February, Stukafest will finally arrive in Middelburg.  StuKaFest – an abbreviation of the Dutch ‘Studenten Kamer Festival’, which roughly translates to ‘Student Dorm Festival’ – provides students and citizens of Middelburg with the opportunity to be entertained by up and coming performers, in the comfort of Middelburg’s own student accommodations. Zuidsingel, Willibrord, Hof van Sint Pieter and Bagijnhof all happily open up their doors to accommodate the performers and their audience. StuKaFest is organized by students throughout the many university cities in the Netherlands, and this is the second time StuKaFest will be hosted in Middelburg.

The persons to thank for organizing StuKaFest are our own UCR students Kim Bergen, Anouk Daams, Christie Ebeling, Eva Symone and Sjoerd Verschoor. They are the official StuKaFest board of 2015 and have spent months on organizing this event. They did not just look for sponsors and hosts, but also arranged all the performances!

Now you might be wondering why everyone is so hot and bothered about StuKaFest. That is because this year, the StuKaFest board has arranged some impressive acts, ranging from dancing to poetry, and from musical performances to theatre! Unfortunately, you will not be able to see all these amazing performances. This means that you can buy a ticket and reserve one or three rounds of performances. Which will you choose? Ristorante kiss kiss, a theatre performance? If you are more into dance, you can see W2&Dancers perform ‘Experience Zoë’ in Zuidsingel 44. If you prefer a Dutch performance with jokes and stories, maybe ‘Versjes van Lars’ is the type of performance you are interested in. And these are not the only acts, there are five other performers ready to knock you off your feet!

But wait, there is more! THEATRA will also be enacting their first scene of the spring play in between the several locations. So when you walk from one location to another, you have the opportunity to get a sneak peek of what the THEATRA members have prepared the last few weeks. Even if these acts, either performed by your idols, other students or complete strangers do not interest you, there is also the StukaFeest. The Spot will be hosting this party where both San Holo and Jailo will be performing.

You can get tickets for StukaFeeest at the Drvkkery for 5 euros and tickets at the door for 6,50. The StuKaFest tickets can be bought in the Drvkkery as well for 1 round (€3,50), 3 rounds (€9) or 3 rounds and a StukaFeest ticket (€13).

So: StuKaFest, the 24th of February, several campus locations. An event organized and hosted by students with performances by students and professionals and an amazing party with some very exciting DJ’s! Are you prepared to have having your mind blown?

Renske Wienen is, class of 2017, is a science major from Rotterdam, The Netherlands

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