An Open Letter

To all my opposing candidates,

At this moment, all of us are running for one of the most important position in RASA: the post of RASA Chair.  I do believe that given the importance of this election, the voters deserve to be given the chance to make an informed decision. Being a student representative, the future RASA Chair should act according to the principles of indirect democracy. The RASA Chair is elected to enforce the decisions of the voters not to rule them. Thus, this election is neither a popularity contest nor a matter of image or past achievements: the future RASA Chair should be elected on the basis of his or her policies and ideas, on what he or she will do once in office.

Unfortunately, such things cannot be properly explained or debated in a short amount of time, thus making the Pre-Election night with its one-minute speeches and one question, inadequate to properly inform the voters about the various candidates. Thus, I believe it is time to have a proper discussion on policy. It is a time for a Chair Debate.

I hereby invite you all to join me in such a debate modelled after the ones that occur during US primaries and presidential election. In such a debate, we would all not only have ample time to present all of our ideas and thus inform the voters, but also to discuss such ideas. Such discussions would be civil and focused on the subject: policies and platforms. I do believe that if a Chair debate is to be held, it should be open for all students to watch live in order to fully see what we, the candidates are made of.

I believe that such debate should be organised as quickly as possible in order to give the electorate ample time to make an informed decision. Thus, I urge you to deliver your replies in a timely manner and hope that you shall join me on this debate.

I wish you good luck in your campaigns,

Marginean Calin George.

2 thoughts on “An Open Letter

  1. I find your comparison with US primaries debates rather striking, seeing that they are known for being about who can be the loudest and is best at interrupting eachother’s arguments 🙂

    1. Welp, in the Democratic primaries it’s not that bad. Plus, I guarantee that I shall do my utmost to treat my oppents with respect and abide by the rules, just like I am sure that they shall do as well.

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