Not My Cup Of Tea – Coffee At Robuust!

Week 3 has arrived and with it the first deadlines, exams, and stress. In the second edition of the patis-series, we will take you to the place where you can keep both your social and academic fishes happy, and your sweet tooth as well: Robuust!



Robuust! is by far the most hipster café in Middelburg: not only does it sell coffee, they also have vinyl and there [was ] a barber present five days a week. With the terrace overlooking the Market Square, you can observe the shoppers in Middelburg and enjoy the smell of flowers from the nearby shop. Inside, the industrial interior radiates a sense of calm through wooden tables, brick walls, and vinyl throughout the room  – even the menu is made out of a record. On the menu you can find various different kinds of coffees, toasties, and most importantly cake. Today, we went for a cheesecake with blueberries, which tasted like my grandma had made it. And if we’re honest, that is the greatest compliment you can give any baker. However, Robuust! also has apple pie with chocolate and hazelnut, and they arguably sell the best brownies in town.


Because of the calm interior and the amazing coffee, Robuust! is a great place to study. If you feel your social fish is slowly dying due to looming deadlines, Robuust! also has a variety of lunches, like toasties, and hummus sandwiches with roasted veggies. So don’t fret if you’re vegetarian or lactose intolerant, as the café has options for everyone.


Even though Robuust! is definitely very hipster, it is by no means pretentious and the dishes do not contain ingredients that you cannot pronounce. Instead, Robuust! makes relatively simple dishes very good. Don’t latte the opportunity to try out their coffee, cheesecake or toasties go, and head on over to Markt 35 to taste for yourself. Not convinced they have the best brownies? Want to start a battle of the brownies? Write about it for TR!

Hilde Smeenk, Class of 2017, is a Cognitive Science and Life Science major from Wehl, The Netherlands.

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