The Seven Questions: What’s It About?

By Jonathan Seib

In his weekly column of 20 October, titled The Future of UCR, Dean Prof. Dr. Van den Brink asked us seven questions that cover the areas that are essential to discuss for the future of UCR. It’s crucial for students to let their voices be heard to define the goals for the coming four years. And the Dean noted that our help in attempting to form an answer to these questions would be greatly appreciated. Tabula Rasa wants to get your input on these questions.

Starting today, every Sunday we will publish another question from the column on the Tabula Rasa Facebook page and pin it in the Welcome to UCR 2019! group. We ask for you to comment on these posts with your answers. You can also send a personal message to Jonathan Seib or an email with your answers to Please indicate to us if you would like your name to be included with the answer or if you would like to stay anonymous. At the end of every week, these answers are collected, bundled, analysed and published on the Tabula Rasa website.

The reason that we chose to let this series run via Facebook and not, for example, in the comments section of the TR website, is because the social media platform is more approachable to all of us.You can simply comment on the Facebook post and share your opinion with us. In this case, your comments could end up in the weekly round-up article, which will be published on TR. As said before, you are of course not obliged to submit your comment on the public post, you are also very welcome to share your opinion via email or PM.

The Dean’s questions are not exhaustive: it could very well be possible that certain areas or nuances are missed. We also ask for your input here. Let us know if you feel there is something essential that has not been discussed and will not be discussed in any of the other questions.

Jonathan Seib, Class of 2016, is a Law and Computer Science major from Hoofddorp, the Netherlands.

One thought on “The Seven Questions: What’s It About?

  1. Great initiative, Jonathan. I am looking forward to seeing the input. One of the aims of our Liberal Arts and Sciences programme is to prepare students for citizenship, for freedom. Artes liberals are the ‘arts’ or disciplines that are ‘worthy of the free person’. Freedom is taking responsibility for the flourishing of your own community. So I would urge you to look at the seven question from a perspective of citizenship: what would be best for UCR as a community of teaching and learning?

    UCR is a great college. The aim of a new strategic plan is to set signposts for new developments. UCR is all about students – you are the reason that we are here. So let us hear which signposts you think we need in order to steer the ship, and steer it well.

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