Near, Far, Wherever You Are: Where To Vote In Middelburg

I have 26 beautiful parties standing before me, but I only have one voting pass in my hands; and these parties represent the two of you that will still be in the running towards becoming Cabinet’s Next Top Party – uh, I mean next governing party, possibly… if you form the right coalition.

The Dutch elections are tomorrow (Wednesday March 15, 2017), something I’m sure didn’t need reiterating as it’s been all over Facebook – yet here I am. Besides my graduation and birthday, this is probably the most important event of this year. The Dutch get to decide whether their prime minister is any competition to Justin Trudeau or whether he resembles a mini-Trump.

It is therefore important to know where to go tomorrow, so your vote doesn’t get wasted on somebody you don’t wish to see ruling this nation for the coming four years. Hence, Tabula Rasa thought it was the perfect opportunity to make a map with the nearest and most convenient polling stations. A little reminder that all polling stations are open from 7:30 until 21:00, so there’s no excuse for you to not go.

Map Middelburg


Nearest to the university is the polling station at Willibrord Verzorghuis at Bachtensteene 14. I’m sure there will be plenty of signs on site but just walk towards De Burgh and then halfway there to your right there’s the old folks home.

A well known and easy to find location, is the library at Kousteensedijk 7. I don’t think I need to explain how you get there, but just delude yourself into going home and you’ll find it to your right on your way to the station.

If you are unfortunate enough to be on your way to the feared roggie bridge (don’t worry it has mats now, no more slipping and sliding around) ‘t Gasthuis is also a polling station. It’s just before the bridge, can’t miss it: Noordpoortplein 2.

If the traveller in you wants to work for its right to vote then head on over to the Zuidsingel 128, or Verwerijstraat 51. Or even Generaal Hakewill Smithlaan 15, if you’re near the Jumbo.

Hopefully these help you find your way this Wednesday. Now you can’t use the excuse of not knowing where to go if you’re too lazy to vote. But please vote, it’s so important!!!! People have died to gain the right to vote so why throw it away?!

Note: these are not all of the locations where you can vote. For a full list, please visit:

Yonna Kuipers, Class of 2017, is a history and linguistics major, from Schiedam, The Netherlands.

Featured photo source: Sven Bosman via RTV Oost

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