Bahaar Markt: The One That Got Away


As inhabitants of Middelburg we have the option of going to either the Jumbo or the Albert Heijn. If you’re not lazy and don’t mind going to the Lidl or Aldi that is. Whilst I myself live closer to the Jumbo, I am an Albert Heijn girl myself. It’s the supermarket that was closest to me growing up and I pretty much know the layout, I don’t have to search to find the béchamel sauce –something that took me 15 minutes the first time I went to the Jumbo (also because the highschoolers working at the Jumbo didn’t know what béchamel was???). Sadly, though, both of these supermarkets are severely lacking in providing anything that can’t be made with a Honig Maccaroni box mix.


Two years ago I stumbled upon Bahaar Markt, then located in the St. Janstraat, where I found an array of products I was used to finding in the smaller supermarkets at home. I was once again presented with more than four options of noodles, Turkish flat bread, simit, dumplings, and fresh feta cheese. Now they have grown and relocated their store to the end of the Lange Delft, number 84 if you need Google maps.


There are rows upon rows and shelves upon shelves of nuts, beans, spices, drinks, noodles, and hot sauces that will definitely enrich your food experience. Everything is categorized so your products should be easy to find. There’s a large fresh produce section with both native fruits and vegetables as well as exotic ones. All of their meat is halal, and the butcher in the back will happily help you if you’ve got any specific wishes. The price difference from the other supermarkets is insane. You are presented with fresh products. My favorite part is the bread section – what can I say I loaf bread so much, I might as well be inbred (disclaimer I’m not- thanks). There’s Turkish flat bread, Arabic bread, simit, baklava, and so many other pastries that if I had any empty shelf space I’d take it all home.


Don’t be upsetti, they also have spaghetti, and other basic products. It pays to visit them because they are usually cheaper than the regular supermarket. With six weeks to go until the end of the semester and no more tuition installments coming up you might think about treating yourself and continue shopping at your local supermarket. But why not save some money for your Summer trip and simultaneously treat your taste buds to all that Bahaar Markt has to offer?

Yonna Kuipers, Class of 2017, is a history and linguistics major from Schiedam, The Netherlands

All images by Yonna Kuipers. What an artist she is.

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