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By Noga Amiri and Natalie Burduli

It is time to prepare for one of the most romantic days of the year: Valentine’s Day is making its way onto our calendars, and into our hearts! Our Facebook feeds are slowly being flooded with romantic quotes, supermarkets are selling heart-shaped candy, cinemas around the world are releasing cheesy love movies, red roses are being sold out by the dozens. Regardless of whether you are spending your Valentine’s Day with your partner, going out to a bar with close friends, fighting the windy weather under a ton of blankets, or drowning in assignments with a glass of wine and some Ben & Jerry’s, the Valentine’s Day spirit will surely find its way through the cracks, undoubtedly making you one with the season of love!

This is that singular day of the year where you can bravely put all the stress of dating aside and muster up the courage to ask out that cute girl in your science class, or that mysterious boy with the cheeky grin who you keep bumping into on your way to Elliott.

Already have a date, but cannot think of a vintage-feeling, aesthetic-looking place to take your partner and recreate that scene from Lady and The Tramp? No worries! We have made a list of all the perfect date spots in Middelburg that will sweep your date off their feet and are guaranteed to make them feel like you are the Jack to their Rose, or the other way around (maybe just stay away from large bodies of water)!

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De Juf

De Juf is one of the coziest and most cheerful little cafes in Middelburg. The modern design, combined with simple decorations, and the white and brown tones of the furniture create a heart-warming atmosphere. Take a seat at one of the tables next to the wide windows, giving away a glimpse of daily life on the streets of Middelburg. Greet the welcoming staff and order a cappuccino or a latte macchiato. Most importantly, don’t forget about dessert! Choose from a variety of sweets including: chocolate tarte, cheesecake, apple crumble, brownies, blondies, lemon bars, and all the many other delicious pastries that your heart might desire!

Address: Sint Janstraat 32, Wed. opening times: 9.00-17.00


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For a bit of daytime magic, offer Expresszo up as a meeting point. Let the sparks between you fog up the floor-to-ceiling windows of this café off Market Square. Not only is the roast good enough for even the most discerning of coffee snobs, they have a frequently updated list of tosti sandwiches on offer. The exposed brick and woodwork will warm the heart of any millennial, and the warm overhead lighting only adds to the laidback feel. Sit up front and people watch, or make use of one of the benches to the back to whisper sweet nothings. We see Expresszo also has a bed and breakfast upstairs – need we say more?

Address: Pottenmarkt 22, Wed. opening times: 8.30 – 17.00                                                                                                                                                       

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Jazz Eetcafé Desafinado

Prefer to grab some dinner and a drink rather than the casual coffee encounter? Make sure to check out Desafinado! This vibrant jazz café will not leave you disappointed. Order a divine cheese platter, followed by a tasty pulled chicken burger and a side of fries! Don’t forget to look at their extensive beer menu, order their famous “Lange Jan” beer, or take a simple glass of rosé, sit back, and enjoy the evening. To make this Valentine’s Day even more special, take your date to Desafinado’s upcoming music event. The amazing performances will include: J.W Minnaard, the band “Clean Pete”, and “Sunshine Cleaners”. For more information check out their Facebook page: Desafinado Jazz Eetcafe.

Address: Koorkerkstraat 1, Wed. opening times: 11.00-00.00                                                                                                                                                          


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De Mug

Mulling life’s trials and tribulations over a chilled glass of notenwijn is a UCR rite of passage. This time, bring a partner along and get to know each other for what will inevitably turn out to be a soul-bearing conversation over drinks. We’re not sure if this is a result of the candlelit aesthetic balancing both rustic and retro, or the comprehensive list of booze on offer, but nights at De Mug are like a sincere, enveloping embrace. The tables are intimate and the quaint background music is charming – there’s a reason why De Mug has stood the test of time. Join your forefathers and make use of this down-to-earth bar to woo that special someone.

Address: Vlasmarkt 54-56, Wed. opening times: 16.00 – 00.00                                                                                                                                                                


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Il Senso

What better way is there to a potential significant other’s heart than a palatable plate of pasta? Take your date to Il Senso, where the food is a crowd-pleaser and the prices are wallet-friendly. With a number of seating options both inside and out, Il Senso’s laidback décor is sure to get you in the mood. This friendly Italian joint offers all the classics, and includes the (potentially date-ending) option to customize your pizza to your own specifications. Do you find the idea of topping your dish with pineapple to be appalling? Will your date have the courtesy to offer you that last bite of Tiramisu? Put your escort to the test at this one-stop dinner-shop.

Address: Lammerensteeg 5, Wed. opening times: 10.00 – 23.00                                                                                                                                                              

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Vriendschap Café Restaurant

Finish the evening by going to one of the most bustling locales in Middelburg. If you feel like enjoying the crisp weather, then sit outside and warm your hands by the fire. If you are tired of the chilly winter breeze, go inside and enjoy the wooden interior design of this modern pub. Soft fairy lights will create the perfect atmosphere to cozy up to your significant other and engage in some deep conversations. If you are still hungry, then order a delicious stake tartare, accompanied by a glass of wine or a drink of your choice. While the menu may be on the more expensive side, a successful date is priceless.

Address: Markt 75, Wed. opening times: 10.00-00.00                                                                                                                                                                               


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Noga Amiri, Class of 2018, is a Literature and Art History Major from Hilversum, The Netherlands.

Natalia Burduli, Class of 2020, is a Law Major from Tbilisi, Georgia.


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