Love in A Sentence

By Natalie Burduli

Valentine’s Day is already behind us, and we are sure that you are feeling overwhelmed after a day full of love and appreciation! Hopefully, you had some time to give a hug to your friends, send a message to your family, and steal a kiss from that special someone. If instead you were stuck in class all day or forgot to do so, there are still plenty of days in the year to express your feelings!

To conclude our Valentine’s Day series on a happy note, we asked some of you to describe in one sentence what love means to them:

1. A strong feeling of empathy that motivates the growth of one another.

2. Sharing a part of your life with someone.

3. A warm fuzzy feeling that makes you feel sick.

4. A scary feeling of dependency on someone else.

5. Love is sharing your teddy bear.

6. Defining love kills love.


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7. Love should never be one-sided.

8. There is nothing more beautiful than to love one person.

9. Love always comes at the wrong time and makes it the right time.

10. That overwhelming feeling when you look at someone you love, and they look at you like you are the only person in the world.

11. Being loved and appreciated unconditionally is the core of our existence.

12. PIZZA!


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13. Never let go of someone amazing.

14. There is no one who will love you so selflessly like your parents.

15.  Having you by my side is the biggest blessing.

16. Make so many puns all your friends tire of you, but laugh at them together.

17. My, myself, and I – and my vibrator.

18. Love is when he knows all the memes that you show him.

19. Love is when they accept you for who you are.

20. A lot of waiting: I waited for feelings to bubble, waited to see him again, waited to be able to break up…then promptly began to wait on another person, in sleepless, agitated hours – it’s relaxing to no longer wait.

Natalia Burduli, Class of 2020, is a Law Major from Tbilisi, Georgia. 

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