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Starting a Master’s program during a pandemic

By Anna Szczełkun It’s a busy time for last semester students.  Many of us are in the process of applying to different master programs to continue our educational path. However, the decision of starting a Master’s right away may not be as obvious to everyone. With corona taking away big pieces of the university life, some…

Life after UCR: Part 2

By Anja Herrmann This is a continuation from the previous article, Life after UCR Part 1. In this sequel, UCR alumni talk more about their experience at UCR, what they would have done differently, what societies they were involved in, and more! Amélie Snijders Graduated in 2019, majored in Politics and Law and minored in…

Life after UCR: Part 1

By Anja Herrmann At UCR, you are confronted with so many opportunities and subjects that it can be hard to pick the ones you want to do in the time frame of just three years- and when you finally draw near to the finish line of a 3 year marathon, you get hit with these…

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