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Why To Attend Protests

By Roni Grinstein I am writing these words when arriving back to my room from the protest for Ukraine in the Hague on 26-02-2022. I am emotional and overwhelmed, in the best sense of those two words. I am energized and full of hope. But not in the innocent idea of hope, but in an…

Listen To The MAPA: Myrto and Heleen on COP26

By Charlotte Vreden *This interview was spoken. The quotations given are verbatim from the voice recording from the interviewees. From October 31st until November 12th, global leaders and other parties gathered to bring climate change back to the table on the 26th annual summit: COP26. Whilst inside the conference discussed the future plans concerning the…

Shell vs. Milieudefensie: How To Sue an Oil Giant

by Liam McClain and Jedidja van Boven As climate change becomes a more and more common topic in everyday news, its presence in the legal sphere is also growing. With climate litigation quickly on the rise, certain routes that have never been taken before in courtrooms across the world are being considered. The Netherlands in…

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