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Fill the Void

By Justin Kist Now is not the time to rest your weary head. As we are kilometers apart, ranging from a few to some thousands, life continues. The world turns and so does UCR. Assignments, exams, and projects still exist. In a different set-up, yes, but it still continues. Like UCR always seems to do….

It Can’t do us Part

as nature’s defence delivers its onslaught – should we commit mass-self-slaughter for the natural world – or is it a mistake a star-crossed affair or the Doomsday dawning the plastic shelves devoid the streets forsaken the drawn-back curtains colourless, pseudoplants on the sills, but the hospitals are all but deserted. journalists thirsty for the death-toll…

Anger in UCR

Marco Segantini These past few weeks have surely been full of hell and fire for people at UCR. Of course, we all know that starting from week 10 (or before), few students in UCR manage to keep a healthy lifestyle and mind as well as keep up with the exorbitant amount of work required. In…

Death of the Colossus

By Alon Nudler Almost eight months have passed since I wrote my first article on what I saw as a lack of community at our university. Since then we have seen some real changes occur.  Orientation week and moderation were added as ways to enforce academic obedience, the everchanging growth and decline of RASA societies continues,…

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