Editorial Feature: Welcome to UCR

By Sebastian Meyjes
UCR Editor

IntRoweek is over, and the beginning of term is here. For a lot of people, especially first years, it’s a very exciting, and slightly stressful few days. The second and third years are back in town, and catching up with one another. First years are recovering from their IntRoweek, and the professors are undoubtedly doing mysterious professorial things to finish up their summers.

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IntRoweek 2013: Mission Accomplished

By Lisa Rückwardt
Staff Writer

After having given them the time to rest this weekend, I got the chance to meet the new RASA board and talk to them about their experiences during this year’s introduction week. Occasional yawning was the only sign of tiredness after the exhausting, but very successful week of meeting a lot of new people, partying and fun.

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The Shoulders of Giants: Advice for First Years

By Vincent de Ruiter
Staff Writer  

Sir Isaac Newton, alchemist and pioneer of physics, once said that, “If I have seen further [scientific discoveries] it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.” By that, Newton meant that we are always learning from others. In the next few weeks, first years will find themselves standing on the shoulders of their professors’ knowledge for their courses and their tutors’ knowledge for managing academic planning. For those looking for knowledge of student life, they may stand on these shoulders of the second and third year students.

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