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Longer Semesters: The Pro’s and Con’s

By Anja Hermann   UCR’s summer holiday lasts around three months and the winter 6 weeks, making the semester a 15-week intensive period for both students and staff. Both groups have questioned whether the heavy workload and semester length is contributing to stress and anxiety. If the length of the semester were to change, it…

How to Have a Threesome

Based on a short interview, one anonymous female student tells us how she managed her three threesomes, what to do the next morning, and how to deal with the aftermath. Student X walks amongst all of us, but has likely gone where not many have gone before: into the arms of not one, but two…

Why I Am Betting My Future On AI

Coming to UCR, I knew I had a passion for physics and mathematics, but also a general interest in computer science. If anything, my second choice was to study applied physics at Delft University of Technology. During my time at UCR, this sure has changed. While I still have a passion for physics and mathematics,…

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