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Monkeys, Millennials and Meditation

By Vanessa Bade Because of my easily distractible nature, I am very cautious and selective regarding the apps I download. However, that principle proves ever more difficult in a world in which a new app is developed seemingly every minute and my self-discipline challenged equally frequently. I must admit, I am a sucker for a…

Life in Bubbles

By Vanessa Bade Growing up abroad, I was sent to small private schools for most of my high school career. Every four years, it seemed as though I was leaving behind a country and its culture, ready to emerge into another one. Really, though, all I was adopting and leaving behind was my school environment;…


By Vanessa Bade This summer I decided to volunteer at a dog shelter. I was extremely excited and ready to get my hands dirty to support a cause I cared deeply about. The first few days, I was euphoric, and genuinely wanted to make a change; improve the lives of countless abandoned and abused shelter…

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