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Dear International Students

By Tallie Nikitchyuk   Hey international students! You, yes, you. Where are you on the election posters? Why aren’t you seeing yourselves welcoming our newbies in an over-the-top Introweek costume, saving the academic day in a crisp blue blazer, serving up delicious food and drinks in the purple heart of our community, or sharing the…

AAC Election Statements

The time has come for AAC elections! The Board of Studies position is open, with three candidates in the running… Make sure to vote between Thursday the 23rd and Monday the 27th of November, following the email instructions sent out by the AAC. Students of all semesters are welcome to vote! Tony Holman  Hiya! My…

Tess Visser for AAC Chair

By Gerjanne Hoek On the day of the Elections, Tess Visser still wants to share with us some of her ideas and opinions about her dream to become the new AAC Chair. Let’s see what she has to say! Please tell us something about yourself: Hi everyone! I’m a 4th-semester student, studying Art History, Chemistry, and Anthropology….

Geert Buis for AAC Chair

By Eden van der Moere In the second round for AAC Chair, Geert Buis is running. In-between THEATRA rehearsals, I meet with Geert, who is originally from Oud-Beijerland, to talk about his plans for the AAC. Why are you running for this position? I’m running for AAC Chair, because I am really interested in education….

Steven van de Graaf for AAC Chair

By Eden van der Moere Only two weeks ago, Steven van de Graaf, 19 years old, shocked the community when he publicly stated that he was not running for anything. This week, however, Steven is running for something. Whether it is the result of a carefully calculated campaign or an honest decision based on two…

Amée Zoutberg for AAC Chair

By Bram Medelli Amée (Amy) Zoutberg is a 19-year old second semester from Amsterdam. She is running for the position Chair in the AAC board. Why are you running? I have informed myself about different positions in one of the daily boards. I believe being part of a big board will add to my UCR…

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