Boudica Gast

One two three four.

Off you peel some more – strips and stripped, and

I’m stretched naked across your scorching

Framework spears splinters into my flesh. Below

A bellyless pit, boundlessly slender, and

I can’t stand! – to see you

To smell and summon and receive your charade.

One two three four.

Flaky, chalky face and hibiscus-scarlet lips and

Sky eye shadow and your vicious smile

Gazes, bolted, glittering for the spectators.

Axeman, but not so scary underneath.

X marks the key, but we have no ship

No sails, no sigh of sky. No matter

For we can seize the seven seas without.

One two three four.

Your shining quartet of supreme quality!

The pillars of your vision and the pools of knowledge. To us

Gluttonous voids of egomania. Thus

Your rugged horses pull –

By leather harness burdened

By heavy soil broken

Foaming at the mouth. My mouth.

One two three four.

The taut rope vibrating – let it be music!

And the creak of the timber

Cries out like thunder, and I cry out!

Limb by limb by limb by limb

Limp – legs, arms, liver, eyes

And pain exhausts me so!

But I can sleep hovering on your furious framework

Pulling together your horses


Boudica Mae Gast, Class of 2022, is a Literature major from Voorburg, the Netherlands.

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