HAC General Assembly: An Update on the Contribution Fee

By Jonathan
UCR Class of 2016

At the General Assembly (GA) on September 17, 2013, the HAC proposed policy change requiring students to pay a 15-euro contribution fee has been referred to another HAC GA, as voted in favor of by the majority of the students which were present at the GA. The second vote in the GA was a provisional vote to gauge the opinion of students on their willingness to accept the contribution if it is ever needed. The majority of the present students voted in favor.

The major point against accepting the student contribution at the last GA was the uncertainty of the current budget, since the HAC would go into negotiations with Woongoed on the very same budget the morning after the GA. The results of those negotiations between the HAC and Woongoed went surprisingly well, according to the HAC. The HAC has received a budget of €10,000, which means that the student contribution for this year won’t be needed.

The topic will nonetheless come back in the next GA, as stated in the update the HAC has sent on September 18. The same update includes a plan to put the student contribution up to voting in the Election GA this coming spring semester. This topic might also be of interest for the next round of elections.

Jonathan, class of 2016, is a Biochemistry, Law, and Politics major from The Netherlands. 

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