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Principles of Marriage

By Annika Lee Author’s note: This is a type of found poem from the source text of 1 Corinthians 7, the Holman Christian Standard Bible (HCSB) edition. The selections were made only from the first word of each line (or multiple words, in the case of “a wife” and “a slave”). The work is a deliberate…

7. devil’s radio

By Annika Lee 1. nostalgia’s mud covers you and a part—a part of you will always want   2. submersion. it always gets worse, never better. entanglements of your heart will never cease their   3. knotted states this therefore is the extent of your one fragile existence:   4. all the food in the…


By Annika Lee there are so few photos of me from back then my friends were more beautiful, more confident I blushed from shame, not compliments staying behind the camera was preferable   my friends were more beautiful, more confident in their bodies and in their futures staying behind the camera was preferable to putting…

November 9

By Annika Lee   besides, aren’t we all white-knuckled loners with spirits distorted by deferred longing? didn’t we learn from our youth to stand still and quiet in the burning, as fuel to a fire of unfulfillment? but no, I say, no—and no again, to make it muscle memory, habit of my hand and heart….

Wild West Ethos

By Annika Lee found poem from Facebook comments on the 20 September 2021 New York Times article ‘Homeland Security investigates border patrol’s treatment of Haitian immigrants.’   Look closely it’s not the Wild West. Like master to slave God is a whip playing cowboys. So, big man, how would you stop the runner literally walking…

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