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To Run or not to Run?

By Sara Bartl Election season is approaching, and some might wonder if running is worth the effort. We asked a few students about their ‘big board’ experiences. What they expected, what they got, and if they would run again. Maike de Haas, HAC When I tell people that I am the Secretary of the Housing…

The Courses We Take

By Sara Bartl We all know the feeling: we begin a course with over boarding enthusiasm, just to be disappointed in the end; either by the content or our own slacking motivation. Or we get kicked out of that one course we were so eager to take, and get placed elsewhere seemingly at random, just…

Your New Austrian Playlist

By Sara Bartl Ever heard of Austria? It’s that chicken drumstick shaped country in the heart of Europe. No, it is not part of Germany, and yes, there is more to it than skiing and hiking. So let us get past some of those beautiful stereotypes and explore the musical landscape of the post-Mozart and…

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