Upcoming: A Complete Line-Up For Student Festival Stukafest

By Joëlle Koorneef There’s quite some things in this city we, as students, can call our own. There’s the beautiful university buildings, common house Elliott, and all of our campuses. They’re our little safe spaces that we can create our own community in. But, sometimes we need to break away from our bubble and mingle with the locals of Middelburg. Stukafest aims to bring locals and students together by showing how amazingly cozy our campus locations can be and how amazing the student community is. Stukafest means student dorm festival and is organized all over the country. On the 21st … Continue reading Upcoming: A Complete Line-Up For Student Festival Stukafest

Rock & Roll – How Rocks May Provide A Solution For Global Warming

By Hilde Smeenk Those of you that have not lived under a rock for the last fifteen years – or are massive Trump supporters – know that climate change is a big deal. The biggest force driving the increase in temperature is not Hillary Clinton or the mainstream media, but an increase in CO2 in the atmosphere. Like other greenhouse gases, CO2 blocks heat from escaping the atmosphere, which drives up the global temperature. While this means that in a few years we can still buy ice cream at A Domani in October without having to feel guilty, it will … Continue reading Rock & Roll – How Rocks May Provide A Solution For Global Warming

The Christmas Plays: an ode to all the talented playwrights of UCR

By Mila Donders It’s no secret that writing is a big part of a UCR student’s life. It is therefore also not weird that UCR knows many talented writers. The THEATRA board experienced just how talented they are just a few weeks ago, because every year, we host an event called the Christmas Plays. It’s pretty self-explanatory. They’re plays. Three of them. About Christmas. But what makes these plays so special, is that they were written by our own students. So every year, we receive a number of scripts, ideas, or stories, which makes us very happy. But we can … Continue reading The Christmas Plays: an ode to all the talented playwrights of UCR

Serenitea: organic, vegan and homely

By Emma Said Serenitea is a charming coffee, breakfast and lunch house in Middelburg. Located behind Profiel the bike shop, it took over the former kebab salon Saray and brought a completely different dynamic into play. Serenitea presents itself as a comfortable organic/local foods café, which wants to make the world a better place. They have a little boy who is always walking around the salon and spreading free affection, which can be honestly comforting in these harsh final weeks of the semester. The food at Serenitea is surprisingly good. I am usually a bit skeptical when it comes to … Continue reading Serenitea: organic, vegan and homely

Teen Wolf: An Escalation of Commitment

In psychology, there is a concept called ‘escalation of commitment’. It means that once you get into something you are unsure about, you will get more and more attached as time progresses to justify your initial choice to do it in the first place. That’s what Teen Wolf is to me; shameful as it is to admit. Teen Wolf is a MTV series about teenage werewolves – and that says enough. Like, literally that’s it. It’s a bunch of teenagers who suddenly have to face the fact that they are werewolves and then also still have to deal with school … Continue reading Teen Wolf: An Escalation of Commitment

Students and Faculty Roast Own University for the Greater Good

3 reasons why you can’t miss out on the next Public Sphere Event   Put the words ‘strategic agenda, deliberative conference and future prospects’ in one email and you will have me doing my best to keep my mouse from hovering over the ‘delete’ button in my inbox. All of us are writing enough official essays and documents as it is, and it is therefore hard to find the interest or motivation to invest yourself in what seems like another official happening. I often find myself feeling like I do not have the knowledge or the position to attend meetings … Continue reading Students and Faculty Roast Own University for the Greater Good

Røst: sounds Scandivian, feels warm.

Røst is a newly opened café located in St. Janstraat, a couple meters away from the café St John’s. Although you probably are familiar with the warmth of St John’s and you rightly appreciate Robuust’s coffees, if you are looking for an in-between of coziness and a cool environment, Røst is your best shot! After Robuust, their coffee is the best in town and is in fact less expensive than the latter by 30-40cts. It can get a bit bitter, so maybe avoid double shots. With their couch setting, you can make yourself comfortable very easily. The background music allows … Continue reading Røst: sounds Scandivian, feels warm.

Ghent City Guide

  As the TR Daily Board, the three of us are constantly on the lookout for the best stories, most interesting interviews and most fascinating articles. Our days are filled with writing, editing and publishing (and a little bit of online shopping here and there), and sometimes we just want a little break from that. And this little break took us just across the border, to the historical town of Ghent! In this city guide, we share our tips and tricks with you.   HOW TO GET THERE There are several ways to get to Gent, but unfortunately they are … Continue reading Ghent City Guide


Plato, Bruce & Beyoncé: Three UCR Professors share their music inspirations

We sometimes forget that professors are also people. They have feelings too, interests and a personal life. In the classroom we only experience their teacher persona… not their actual personality. I interviewed three of my professors to experience what they … Continue reading Plato, Bruce & Beyoncé: Three UCR Professors share their music inspirations

Brooklyn Nine-Nine: From now on you can call me…. Velvet Thunder…

As I look around, I see tiredness in all our eyes. We’re getting to the end of the Fall semester and the weather is not helping with keeping the smiles on our faces. Therefore I chose my favourite comedy show to praise this week, to hopefully bring a little humour back into these dark busy days. Brooklyn Nine-Nine is perhaps one of the best comedy shows to have ever graced the screen of a television (or laptop screen, in our cases). It follows the shenanigans of the detectives of the police department Brooklyn 99, who are all dysfunctional and lovable … Continue reading Brooklyn Nine-Nine: From now on you can call me…. Velvet Thunder…

Reach For The Stars: A Visit To The Star Observatory

Middelburg is famous for many things; its slave trade, its bolussen and the Lange Jan, but the town was also host to the inventor of the telescope (there’s some debate on who it was, just take a Van Gent course). However, it is because of this invention that Middelburg has its own star observatory, located on the Heerengracht 52. The old building is filled to the brim with space enthusiasts and models of planets. Wait! Don’t leave yet I promise you this article gets more exciting. If you know anything about space you know it’s big and endless and super … Continue reading Reach For The Stars: A Visit To The Star Observatory

“Doctor Strange”: Putting the Psychedelics on the Screen

The fourteenth instalment of the Marvel cinematic universe is here! As always Dr. Strange (2016) is a fresh and colourful piece of cinematic enjoyment. This time Marvel introduces us to neurosurgeon Stephen Strange and the world of magic. After the name drop he got in Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014), doctor Stephen Strange comes to the silver screen in his stand-alone film. You might think “Really? Another origin story?”, but Marvel is still able to keep it interesting right from the start. The immense blockbuster budget allows the film studio to jump into the action right away with intricate … Continue reading “Doctor Strange”: Putting the Psychedelics on the Screen

US Elections 2016: Reactions from the UCR community

By Annick Wijnstra & Eden van der Moere For many it came as a complete surprise: Republican presidential candidate Donald J. Trump won the 2016 US elections. After 1,5 years of campaigning, debating, and polling, the battle between Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton and Trump has come to an end. A rather unexpected end: most preliminary polls pointed towards a victory for Clinton, and since Trump was announced the 45th president of the United States the world has been both deeply shocked and celebrating. Also within our own UCR community the tension rose high last night and students reacted to the … Continue reading US Elections 2016: Reactions from the UCR community

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Popronde 2016

By Joëlle Koorneef If you came to UCR expecting Middelburg to have the wildest music scene and nightlife you might often be quite disappointed. But once in a while, this city proves you wrong and holds amazing festivals like N8vdN8, Stukafest, or Popronde. This Thursday the 10th of November Popronde is celebrating their 10th anniversary. Bars all over Middelburg will host a number of cool bands. Sadly there is never enough time to see all of them: planning is key to get the most out of your night, so keep reading if you want to know where to go at … Continue reading How To Get The Most Out Of Your Popronde 2016

Strike a pose! UCR’s Elliott is hosting a charity fashion show

They might be under stress or in a hurry to make it to their 08:45 class, but they never let UCR’s rushed environment influence their style! I’m talking about Nienke Wind, Nadia Comencia, Amée Zoutberg, Maryna Parfenchuk and Naomi de Vries, who have organized an event for us to see coming week that is both exciting and charitable. The second hand charity shop named ‘Talent’ here in Middelburg (Nieuwstraat 11) approached these women with the idea of collaborating with UCR students. And these five women knew exactly what to do: organize a charity fashion show! In an exclusive interview with … Continue reading Strike a pose! UCR’s Elliott is hosting a charity fashion show

Letter From The Editor

Dear reader, You have seen our articles online, our brainstorm sessions, our TR sweaters and our baby print edition – but the time has finally come to show you what we have been working on over the past few weeks. Last Tuesday, we released the result of great writing, sharp editing and beautiful designing: the Tabula Rasa Fall 2016 Print Edition. At Tabula Rasa, we give students a platform to tell their stories, to share their opinions and to write about their passions. The print edition is a colourful, fruity and passionate cocktail of these interests and writing talents. From … Continue reading Letter From The Editor