A Very TR Christmas

By Yonna Kuipers, Renske Wienen & Eden van der Moere In this miserable time of it almost but not really being break, there’s only one thing that can save us from driving ourselves headfirst off of the nearest dune and into the ice cold sea: Christmas music. Time to get out your ugly sweaters and lights out, because honey we’re here to sleigh. As a goodbye 2016 article the TR daily board thought it was only appropriate to supply you with our top ten Christmassy songs to get you ready for tonight’s super festive gala. “It’s The Most Wonderful Time … Continue reading A Very TR Christmas

Your Holiday Reading List

By Noga Amiri Hi all! I am happy to be writing to you as TR’s new Arts & Culture section editor. I look forward to keeping you up to date with the goings on in the arts and culture world! The end of the semester means two things: time for a (long overdue) break, and some time for yourself! To get you in the holiday spirit, here are a few reading recommendations for the reader who has got A Christmas Carol covered. Consider the following off the beaten ‘snow-covered’ path titles: For the traditionalist with a shortened attention span… The … Continue reading Your Holiday Reading List

5 Things To Do Before You Graduate

By Gabriëlle La Croix At UCR time flies, and that is a given. I remember the first day I walked through the doors of the old city hall and now graduation is creeping closer and closer. Before I know it, I will be gone and this has caused me to sit down and think about my time in Middelburg. What are the things I still want to do and what are the things I always enjoyed doing? So here – from the bottom of my memory jar and the ‘heights of my imagination’ – comes a concise version of what … Continue reading 5 Things To Do Before You Graduate

Confined Escapism

By Yonna Kuipers On a crisp autumn morning I sat down with Eva Versteeg, a religious studies, philosophy, and anthropology major, who was ready to spill the beans on a recent sensation that has also reached Middelburg: an escape room called Kamer 51 (Room 51). Even though it’s been active since 2015, it has yet to reach Honeypie levels of recognition amongst our community, so Eva and Mirte van Os thought it was high time this changed. An escape room, for those of you wondering, is a room that you’re locked in and you get a limited amount of time … Continue reading Confined Escapism

Battle of the Bagels

By Yonna Kuipers It is possible that the food I am most passionate about is bagels. Some people see it as bread with a hole in it; I see it as bread with a purpose. Since literally no one has the time or money to go to the home of the bagel, New York City, every time they crave one, I thought it was high time we put the Dutch shops to the test. Hopefully this will help you decide where to go to get yourself a bagel and which shops to forgo. Due to some weird, unfortunate event all … Continue reading Battle of the Bagels

Peter Lindbergh: A Different Vision at Fashion Photography

By Eden van der Moere I don’t go to museums very often. When I was growing up and completely enamored with the visual arts, my Mom took me on a day trip to Amsterdam to visit the Rijksmuseum and look at some of the greatest paintings ever made. We travelled for 2,5 hours by train and walked across Amsterdam to get to the museum. The entire afternoon, I marveled at the greatness of the building, the incredibly large collection of paintings, strange objects and fascinating stories. At the end of the day, after another 2,5 hour train journey, I was … Continue reading Peter Lindbergh: A Different Vision at Fashion Photography

Living The International Student Jury Life

By Bram Medelli During the Film by the Sea festival, Bram Medelli was part of the International Student Jury. Allow him to take you through his diary of a week of judging films. Friday – Imagine a grand opening gala with photographers running around to get a shot of all the celebrities in their fancy allure. Now imagine that in Vlissingen, with us students as jury members between them. We were the first to enter the foyer (even before professor Luscombe and her daughter!) and there were oysters and glasses of champagne, a band and an opening film featuring renowned … Continue reading Living The International Student Jury Life

A Gorilla’s Legacy

By Hitanshi Shah and Maaike Oosterling In case you missed it on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and pretty much anywhere else on the internet, here’s what happened to our lord and savior Harambe: On May 27th, Harambe celebrated his 17th birthday in the Cincinnati Zoo. On May 28, he was shot dead, as zoo officials wanted to protect a child who climbed into the gorilla enclosure and fell into the moat. His death had many results; international debates, outrage and, most notably, memes. This fabulous journey from being a live gorilla to a controversial meme is what this article is all … Continue reading A Gorilla’s Legacy

A Bookworm’s Guide To Reading More

By Maaike Oosterling This article is not intended to be judgmental. Unlike some old people, I am not here to yell ‘GET OFF YOUR PHONE AND READ SOME BOOKS, YOU DIRTY MILLENIAL’. No, that’s not my point. I just want you to rediscover your love of reading. I know that many of us used to be the nerdy bookworms of our primary school classes. The ones with our nose always buried in a book. But now that we are engrossed in our academics, it’s hard to read just for pleasure. Time is scarce, readings for class are plenty and mental … Continue reading A Bookworm’s Guide To Reading More

“UCR: 15 Weeks To Give It All” – Dean Van den Brink Is On A Mission

By Aimah Moiz Like every academic year, UCR welcomed many new faces this August. This year however, instead of just welcoming new students, it also welcomed a new Dean. Professor Bert van den Brink already introduced himself to the students last semester when he hosted the Elliott Pub Quiz, however now that he is here, Tabula Rasa’s Aimah Moiz wondered what his expectations were of UCR before coming here and how his ideas have changed since then. Professor van den Brink is a professor of political and social philosophy. He studied theology at Nijmegen, however after two years ‘God died’ … Continue reading “UCR: 15 Weeks To Give It All” – Dean Van den Brink Is On A Mission

City Guide: A Day in the Life of Amsterdam

By Bram Medelli Many of us travel far away to explore the most exotic places on our little planet. We go through the hassle of flying to other continents and packing huge bags. It would be so much easier if we did not have to travel that far to gain new experiences. What if I told you that it is possible? Simply stepping into a train and travelling to our capital is enough to meet great new people and see interesting new sights. Here is a day in the life of Amsterdam, to show you how amazing the country you … Continue reading City Guide: A Day in the Life of Amsterdam

How To Trick Yourself Into Thinking You’re An Artsy Student™

By Joëlle Koorneef Somehow you did not end up living that artsy student life in Berlin or London, taking your coursework on the tube, instagramming a different take-away breakfast everyday. When people ask you to justify your choice for Middelburg, you stutter that your university looks just like Hogwarts. Under your breath you ask yourself if that makes up for the fact that there is a field of sheep two metres from the train station or that you run into your professors at the Albert Heijn. How do you compensate for your life in Zeeland and pretend to live that … Continue reading How To Trick Yourself Into Thinking You’re An Artsy Student™

“Southside With You” (2016): The Love Story of Michelle and Barack Obama

By Gabriëlle La Croix As our semester is coming to end, so is our year, and I become increasingly nostalgic over the past 12 months and its ‘big moments’. This year was characterized by some massive global changes, one of which did not strike lightly. When we learned that Donald Trump would soon replace Barack Obama as president of the United States, the Internet went ballistic. After discussion from both sides, what remains was nostalgia and remembrance. Nostalgia over the past years of Obama being President and his marriage to Michelle. Not a day went by after the elections, without … Continue reading “Southside With You” (2016): The Love Story of Michelle and Barack Obama

Upcoming: A Complete Line-Up For Student Festival Stukafest

By Joëlle Koorneef There’s quite some things in this city we, as students, can call our own. There’s the beautiful university buildings, common house Elliott, and all of our campuses. They’re our little safe spaces that we can create our own community in. But, sometimes we need to break away from our bubble and mingle with the locals of Middelburg. Stukafest aims to bring locals and students together by showing how amazingly cozy our campus locations can be and how amazing the student community is. Stukafest means student dorm festival and is organized all over the country. On the 21st … Continue reading Upcoming: A Complete Line-Up For Student Festival Stukafest

Rock & Roll – How Rocks May Provide A Solution For Global Warming

By Hilde Smeenk Those of you that have not lived under a rock for the last fifteen years – or are massive Trump supporters – know that climate change is a big deal. The biggest force driving the increase in temperature is not Hillary Clinton or the mainstream media, but an increase in CO2 in the atmosphere. Like other greenhouse gases, CO2 blocks heat from escaping the atmosphere, which drives up the global temperature. While this means that in a few years we can still buy ice cream at A Domani in October without having to feel guilty, it will … Continue reading Rock & Roll – How Rocks May Provide A Solution For Global Warming

The Christmas Plays: an ode to all the talented playwrights of UCR

By Mila Donders It’s no secret that writing is a big part of a UCR student’s life. It is therefore also not weird that UCR knows many talented writers. The THEATRA board experienced just how talented they are just a few weeks ago, because every year, we host an event called the Christmas Plays. It’s pretty self-explanatory. They’re plays. Three of them. About Christmas. But what makes these plays so special, is that they were written by our own students. So every year, we receive a number of scripts, ideas, or stories, which makes us very happy. But we can … Continue reading The Christmas Plays: an ode to all the talented playwrights of UCR

Serenitea: organic, vegan and homely

By Emma Said Serenitea is a charming coffee, breakfast and lunch house in Middelburg. Located behind Profiel the bike shop, it took over the former kebab salon Saray and brought a completely different dynamic into play. Serenitea presents itself as a comfortable organic/local foods café, which wants to make the world a better place. They have a little boy who is always walking around the salon and spreading free affection, which can be honestly comforting in these harsh final weeks of the semester. The food at Serenitea is surprisingly good. I am usually a bit skeptical when it comes to … Continue reading Serenitea: organic, vegan and homely