Month: November 2022

Love to Give

Love to Give Her silk brown hair Her doe eyes She is the epitome of beauty. Her soul is kind Her heart is full She has so much love to give.   She watches her friends Become wives and mothers. Attends countless weddings Never once dressed in white. A godmother, an aunt None of her…

Colours of Marrakech

Colours of Marrakech There is something fascinating about the way the Moroccan sky meets the ochre silhouettes of Marrakech’s buildings. As the placement of the sun changes during the day, the intensity of the contrast changes too. My favourite contrast-time was the early afternoon on days when the sun shone bright and soft clouds made the sky look…

on grief: unnumbered

on grief: unnumbered   we didn’t do anything for your birthday. well, we fought, which is, i suppose, the most fitting us. did you   look down upon us and shake your head or did you turn a blind eye or did you expect the call across a landmass worth two oceans to not go…

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