Year: 2023

Catching Connections

Catching Connections It is 6 PM on a Friday night. As I walk through Utrecht Central Station, I hear a song echo through the hall. On my way to catch my train which will depart in twenty minutes, I stop and watch a group of people of all ages form a circle around a piano….

Where are the melting clocks, Samara?

Where are the melting clocks, Samara?  complete loss of subjective self identity  — yeah. that one.  ignition.  like — fundamentally tired.             tired.  where is ego going to die?  — a concrete jungle.  (i want to go home)  where are they going?  (it’ll take me a day to get to the dining table)  where are…


unbroken my home is not broken. a little rough around edges, yes, misshapen with love. half-baked with the tardiness of doing things that require too much time minutes before they are due. my home is not raw. deconstructed, slightly, intended and executed. it is strewn with the calm objective that puts too much on a…

I want to be bored.

I want to be bored. When I was a child, one of my worst enemies was boredom. However, as I progressively get older and grumpier – and excited about a new laundry detergent –, who would have thought that I would begin to miss the feeling of not knowing what to do. Suddenly, I feel like I…

Don’t buy me flowers

Don’t buy me flowers. They may represent the beauty Of the life we live together They will one day die And I hope our love never will.   Don’t buy me chocolates. They may taste as sweet as the “I love you” That you utter each day They will one day disappear And I hope…

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