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Artist series pt.1. Where does Wes get it from?

By Nora Westgeest In light of Wes Anderson’s newly released stop-motion animated film Isle of Dogs, this week, the TR’s Arts & Culture section will be entirely devoted to the American virtuoso. Our three-part series kick-starts with a piece considering the influences of the emblematic style that defines Anderson’s films. But keep your eyes peeled…

Legally Blonde: The Musical Spectacle

By Joëlle Koorneef and Nora Westgeest People are trickling down Middelburg’s cobblestoned paths as the clock nears eight. Whilst friends, parents, and classmates are forming a line in front of the entrance to De Spot, a hushed excitement fills the air. When the doors finally open, the group nervously moves forward, knowing that there are only…

Visit Brussels like a Local

By: Nora Westgeest “Where should I eat in Brussels? What about places to get coffee? And what is the best club to go out?”. Having been brought up near Brussels, I often get asked these questions. Lucky for you, I spent my high school years lounging around all the local hotspots. With the help of…

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