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Midterm Week Cooking

By Tessa van Hoorn Staff Writer Those dreaded weeks of the semester are coming up again, and faster than you think. That’s right; midterm week is just around the corner. As I was looking in my diary, I realized how soon midterm was coming up, and I was thinking about all the presentations, papers, and…

Review: A Night Out with Arctic Monkeys

By Daniel Janssen Staff Writer Oh, how far Arctic Monkeys have come. Ever since the modern “fab four” released their debut studio album Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not, the UK band have conquered Glastonbury, opened the Olympics and released another quartet of top-shelf indie rock albums. With their latest record, AM,…

Slow Food: I Love It.

By Lisanne Cheizoo Staff Writer  The semester has started, and for most of us it is time to leave our lovely home-cooked meals behind and start cooking for ourselves again. Cooking is always a challenge because not only do we want to have cheap food, it also has to be easy to make and within…

Coming Soon: the 100

By Hilde van den Berg School and university have started again, eliciting groans from everyone who isn’t in their first year. But fear not, for autumn always brings something sweet to go along with the bitter taste of living up to expectations. No, not Winter; TV season is coming up again.

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