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Dear UCR…

By Junghyun Song Who knows UCR better than 6th-semesters? This week, I spoke to some of them to listen to their reflection on the past three years of their university life. Overall, they were happy with their time at UCR. Nevertheless, they had some helpful advice and suggestions for UCR’s future.   More Information about…

Humans of UCR: Derin

I’m a dude, who lives in Bagijnhof 3. Occasionally I cook things, I love making people food. Well, not make people-food, but make food for people. I wouldn’t make people-food unless someone asked me that as their deathwish. Recently, I made a hot sauce and people seemed to like it. Then I made another one…

Fill the Void

By Justin Kist Now is not the time to rest your weary head. As we are kilometers apart, ranging from a few to some thousands, life continues. The world turns and so does UCR. Assignments, exams, and projects still exist. In a different set-up, yes, but it still continues. Like UCR always seems to do….

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