Day: November 14, 2015

We Still Want The Truth

by Ishany C. Balder and Aimah Moiz SINCE the 1980s, there have been an estimated 80,000 cases of en-forced disappearances in Sri Lanka. This is 0.4% of the current population, making Sri Lanka the country with the second highest number of disappeared people in the world after Iraq. Disap-pearances became the modus operandi during the…

“The Scorch Trials” (2015)

A-maze-ing or a total crank? by Kirsten Kapteijns AFTER a year of waiting, the time was here; the second instalment of “The Maze Runner” series was re-leased. Cinematically, the success they achieved with “The Maze Runner” is seen through the quality of the set of “The Scorch Trials”. The film is visually appealing and stylized…

Puerto Rico

The Black Sheep of America’s Family by Anton Moggré WHILE Europe’s news outlets mainly talk about the never-ending fi nancial crisis of Greece, in the United States a similar situation has arisen. The country in question here: Puerto Rico. The tropical island, located in the Caribbean and a commonwealth of the United States, is currently…

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