Discounts for Days

By Maddy Slot


Did that get your attention? That is exactly what RASA thought a year ago when the idea of the RASA discount pass came up.  Who would not want all kinds of amazing benefits, simply for studying at University College Roosevelt? After all, with all those stressful days and crazy deadlines, a little reward is always appreciated. RASA has been working hard to find places that will provide the students of UCR with a lovely discount when they are out and about in town, or simply getting that well-needed cup of coffee.

Not only do us students get to have more for less, the discount pass also allows for a growing relationship between the university and the community of Middelburg. By getting involved with local businesses, RASA is simultaneously building a strength position within the city and turning frowns upside down for hundreds of students. The question remains, however, as to what this discount pass has to offer. What discounts can you get when wandering around the street of Middelburg? One thing is for sure; your student-budget has never looked so grand.

Expresszo, Pottenmarkt 22

Immediately you are welcomed by the sound of coffee brewing and the smell of freshly baked pastries and toasties.  The chatter of the customers and the calm music playing completely relaxes you as you walk up to the counter to order your coffee, with a 10% discount. Expresszo offers delicious cups of freshly brewed coffee, perfect for a study break. You have the option of sitting down in their picturesque shop or taking it to go, and with that RASA discount, why not sneak in a piece of cake or a croissant?

Soop, Sint Janstraat 7

Hidden in the Sint Janstraat is a cosy space with an elegant appearance. Soop, the hairdresser to the students, has been around since 2011 and has become more and more successful since with only happy customers leaving the salon. Here comes the good part, the part you want to hear: for only €15 your hair will be washed, cut, and styled. For only €15 you can be another happy customer leaving Soop with your jaw-dropping new hairstyle. Many students from UCR can already tell you many positive experiences about this place, and with such an amazing offer, why not try it?

Repro Walcheren, Kinderdijk 42

With our many requirements as a student at UCR, it is noticeable how much we need to print for our courses, ranging from lengthy articles to elaborate posters with a detailed account of a research project that you spent hours working on (and are actually very proud of). For the latter there is a solution. Never again will you have to wonder where to print such an elaborate poster, because the answer will always be: Repro Walcheren. From printing posters up to A0 size to printing booklets, at Repro Walcheren you can do all of this and receive a 10% discount! With a 10% discount on all the possibilities at this copy shop, why look anywhere else for your printing needs?

Fresco, Langeviele 39

As the sun starts to appear again in cold and rainy Middelburg, you find yourself craving ice cream more and more. There is no need to deny it, we all know the feeling, but have you ever wondered what Indian spiced ice cream tastes like? Or ice cream that tastes exactly like the coffee from Expresszo? This little ice cream shop on the Langeviele is fond of experimenting with ice cream and always manages to make it taste delicious. Do not worry; Fresco also has your classic favourites, such as chocolate and vanilla, various sorbets, and even Oreo ice cream! Instead of paying €1,20 for your ice cream, with your RASA pass you will only have to pay €1,00. Smoothies will only cost you €3,00 instead of €3,75, and ice coffees will cost you €2,50 instead of €2,95.

De Middelburger, Langeviele 61

At one point or another during our time at UCR we have all thought the same, there should be a burger place called ‘The Middelburger’. Last year our prayers were answered, and there it was: De Middelburger: the best burger in town. De Middelburger has an extensive menu with mouth-watering burgers made of 100% premium beef. It is open 6 days a week, but on Tuesday and Wednesday your RASA pass will score you a 10% discount. Looking for the perfect pre-party meal? Or are you looking for that treat to get you through your last day of the school week? De Middelburger will take care of all of your cravings and more, as the burgers are not only amazing, the fries you get with it are pretty sensational as well.

Rijschool 4U, Couburgstraat 19

Contact: 06 39812202

Anyone who has taken driving lessons will know that there are costs attached to this that will make you weep for the loss of your bank account. Luckily for you, the RASA team has diligently upped their game and have arranged a €100 discount on driving lessons at Rijschool 4U! Yes, you read that right, but the magic does not stop there. A trial lesson at Rijschool 4U is free and it has the highest passing rate out of all the driving school in Walcheren! If that has not convinced you to start your driving lessons here, then nothing will. We will give it one last shot though. Your driving lessons will be held in a BMW.

Amy’s & Ta, Vlasmarkt 7

This newcomer in Middelburg has already made quite a name for itself, popping up on the UCR Class of 2017 page numerous times, as well as on the Tabula Rasa website (bubble tea, that is all we will say about it). Offering all kinds of Asian snacks, Dutch snacks, and a create-your-own-Wok meal, Amy’s & Ta is definitely the place to go for all your sneaky cravings. As the word got out about Amy’s & Ta, RASA immediately jumped on this opportunity and arranged a discount for you. You will receive a 5% discount on every purchase, and if you spend more than €10 you will get a 10% discount. Let’s be honest though, you will not walk out of this place with only a 5% discount.

RASA has been working hard to get the students a great deal at all of these places around Middelburg. This is not the end, however, as RASA will continue to search for great deals in all the crooks and crannies of the Middelburg streets. It is even rumored that a deal will be made with the pool café!

Maddy Slot, class of 2016, is an Art History and Literature major from Eindhoven, The Netherlands

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