“De Juf” Schools Us on Delicious Cakes

Pictures taken by Eden van der Moere, edited by Yonna Kuipers.

Even though it is only Week 2, with all the work that you have to do it feels like Week 12, and sometimes you just deserve a break. How lovely binge-watching all of the new season of Narcos seems, sometimes actually going outside is way more rewarding. In this new patis-series we’ll (re)introduce you to some of our favorite spots, and favorite cakes. Today we will present you to De Juf, a small corner bakery café located at Sint Jansstraat 32.


The décor of De Juf (translation: the female teacher) brings you right back to primary school, but the only thing you have to practice here is holding back from stuffing your face. In order to give you a good example of what De Juf had to offer without breaking the bank, we went for a sample platter. You get a variety of baked goods presented at the front of the store. This time we got several pieces of unbaked cherry cream cheesecake, mixed nut bars, unbaked lemon cheesecake, coconut date bars, millionaire’s shortbread, and carrot cake for only €4,40 per person. While the pieces are small, they are absolutely delicious and more than enough if you still want to walk home. And if you place a reservation you can have a proper high tea.


Don’t have a sweet tooth? They also offer several savory options, like quiche. Another cool thing is that the women working at De Juf bake all the cakes and pies themselves, and they’re happy to let you sneak a peek as they’re preparing them right in front of you. Most of the ingredients are locally produced or grown and all are of very high quality.
There’s something very minimalist about the café. There are no ‘fancy’ coffee options, or tongue twisting teas: simply good cakes and a relaxed atmosphere; it’s back to basics in the best way.  So if you’ve got any time at all, just pop in from Tuesday till Saturday and let De Juf school you on grade-A pies, cakes, and crumbles.

Check out www.dejufmiddelburg.nl or their Facebook for more info!


Yonna Kuipers, Class of 2017, is a History and Linguistics major from Schiedam, The Netherlands.

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