D-Day 2016: Election Night at UCR

The one topic that has been dominating the news cycle for the past year will finally come to a conclusion – and soon. I’m talking about the American presidential election, and the battle between candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

In order to make sure that you are completely up to date on the happenings during the elections, the Roosevelt Network is organising a viewing party in Elliott on the actual date and time of the elections. Starting at 22:00 and lasting a long, long time (until 04:00), the Election Night will be filled with three lectures on the subject of politics and the presidential elections. One will be done by our very own Dean, Professor Van den Brink (with whom you could have read an interview in our latest print edition!), who will lecture on how we should take Donald Trump seriously. Dario Fazzi will skype in for a discussion on foreign policy, and Professor Krabbedam and his class will talk about Michelle Obama, Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton: gender in the elections. There will be rounds of election trivia, discussion, and of course, most importantly, the most up to date polls and the actual coverage of news agencies.

All in all, it promises to be a night of fun and games, with a more serious side to it. The TR team will be well represented, and we will fill you in on the events of the night in another article if you happened to have missed this event.

So if you’re interested, the event will be on the 8th of November (coming Tuesday) and will start at 22.00 and end around 04.00, in Elliott C-20. You can find the Facebook page to the event right here.

Annick Wijnstra, Class of 2017, is a Literature and History major, from Hoofddorp, the Netherlands.

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