Get your Stuka-feest on!

By now you have probably heard of Stukafest, or at least seen that logo with the two stinky socks on it. Here’s the spiel one last time: on the evening of February 21st, you’ll be able to listen to bands, enjoy theater, and view performance art in cosy living rooms across Middelburg. Too cultured in comparison to your regular Tuesday night? Fear not, there is an after party. What many of us have been missing in Middelburg (exciting night life, clubs…) will be made available to you at Stukafeest in De Spot.

The doors open at 23:00 and for once you will want to be there early. Unlike a normal party, Stukafeest has a line-up of three different acts in store. L’ENFANT, brainchild of producer-brothers Oscar and Thomas Peters, will play the first set. They produce poppy, tropical beats with a surprising aftertaste of dark electronica and an overdose of synths. Their audio-visual album ‘Fear of…’ is pleasantly unsettling, their music matched to clips of people walking on eggs and dentures falling into bowls of custard. L’ENFANT is sure to make your drop your jaw drop. They are currently touring with the legendary Kraak & Smaak, playing in venues like TivoliVredenburg in Utrecht. Stukafeest is your chance to see them in our much smaller but beloved venue De Spot.


Done vibing to some mellow beats? Good – next up is Nadav Dagon, who is flying all the way from Israel to spice things up. Nadav is a drumtek entertainer, creating a spectacular show with just his drums and a set of samplers. He’s a big name in the Tel Aviv club scene, and with an expanding list of gigs and festivals he is determined to continue spreading his influence worldwide. Nadav has the ability to mesmerize and bring an entire crowd into a trance, so be sure to catch this international star during his one night in our tiny city.

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After watching performances all evening, it’s time to let out all that pent up energy and just dance. After all, it is a Tuesday night, and beer at De Spot is relatively cheap. If you’ve ever been to Pokoe, you know how well DJ Etienne Manuhuwa can fill up a dancefloor. As a Middelburg local who has contributed to making De Spot feel like a real club for 10 editions of Pokoe, Etienne can be trusted to bring Stukafeest to its climax. The lights will go on at 02:00. We promise there will be no Piano Man.

Tickets for Stukafeest are priced at €4,-. That’s three amazing artists for the price of half a Domino’s pizza. It’s €15,- for the package deal: Stukafest (three rounds of acts) and Stukafeest together. Stukafest tickets will be sold during lunch breaks in Elliott in the coming week, every day except for Wednesday.You can also buy your tickets at De Drvkkery, or online at if you want to avoid queues. Want to make your decision at the last minute? No problem, Stukafeest tickets will be sold at the door at De Spot for €5,-. Hope to see you there!

Joëlle Koorneef, Class of 2018, is a literature and antiquity major from Zwijndrecht, the Netherlands.


Featured image by Nous Davidse

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