Our Small World

By Anonymous

This photo tells the story of a small town, surrounded by fields and the ocean. In the centre of it all, a university filled with students from all walks of life. I think we quickly forget how small our world is, and how beautiful it can be if we just choose to look at it.

I want to dedicate this photo to a girl I saw sitting alone in the outdoor classroom in helm square. I stopped to see what she was looking at, and only then did I notice how the warm light beams from the setting sun were hitting Franklin and reverberating through the whole area. The rebounding light created a soft golden coating on the surrounding walls. In all my time at UCR I had never seen our school so beautiful before. I am forever grateful to that girl for enabling me to see.

My message with this picture is to not take the place you live for granted, so often we focus on where we’re going to be, that we don’t appreciate the moment we are in. Be the one who looks up, stops, and stares, because our small world is beautiful.



Image Source: titled ‘Our Small World’, by anonymous, photograph taken with DJI Phantom 3 Pro at an altitude of approx. 162m


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