On Autumn

by Boudica Gast

Autumn has recently arrived, and it’s heralding its own advent with deteriorating weather, balding trees, and shorter days. Some people welcome the change, others would rather immigrate to an island in the Caribbean (I’m 100% Team Tropics). Inevitable as it is, the third season of the year has always been a vague concept to me. On bad days, it’s just like winter; on good days, it’s summer. I find it difficult to dress appropriately, because my clothes will always be too warm or too cold. To my dismay, trees shed their bright colours and replace them with deep autumnal hues. The leaves turn amber and golden, shrivel up and eventually unchain themselves from their branch to float down to the ground. The sky darkens, and the clouds can’t seem to make up their mind whether they want the sun to shine or to release madness upon us in the form of epic rainstorms. Going through a change from summer to winter strikes me as a very confusing time for Mother Nature.

But essentially this is what autumn is: a change. The world around us changes its face, and so could you. It’s the time to start thinking about the new year, the better things to come, and what is truly important in your life. It’s the time to cast off the cargo that’s weighing you down. At least – that’s what my horoscope app said. Yes, it’s a whole load of nonsense, but I saw it this way: it’s better to start regarding things you don’t like from a positive point of view than to continue sulking about it.

With this is mind, I went out during the break and snapped some pictures of what autumn looks like back in my home town. I hope you enjoy some of autumn through my lens, and find a sense of appreciation for the changes the way I did.


Boudica Mae Gast, Class of 2022, is a Literature major from Voorburg, the Netherlands.



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