I Love Lube and You Should too

By Arya Mehta

I won’t lie, I have a lot of deadlines for Monday and I have quite some exciting things happening in my life, but I did want to give you guys a good article. 


The use of lube can literally transform your sexual experiences and allow you to enjoy your sexual experiences as much as possible. If you have hormonal issues or have vaginal dryness, it’s a no-brainer to use lube. But, even if you don’t, there are more reasons to give it a try than not. With the stress and lack of time that UCR students suffer from, I’m literally doing you a favor by recommending you lube. You can use lube with or without (it can enhance your masturbation experience as well!) a sexual partner(s). Here are the following reasons to use lube:

  1. It’s more pleasurable for everyone involved (studies show that lube makes it 50% easier to orgasm than without). Even if the aim of your sexual activity is not to achieve an orgasm, lube makes it a hell lot more pleasurable. For example, for people with vaginas, it tends to reduce abrasion. For people with penises, lubrication, weirdly, creates more friction. 
  2. It saves time. With our schedules and lack of time, it makes sense that sometimes, you just want your sexual needs met efficiently and this can help with the foreplay.
  3. It prevents pain. For penises and vaginas, penetrative sex can sometimes cause abrasion, and lubrication can create a barrier against it.  
  4. Repeated motions that come with sexual activity (not just penis-vagina but even fingers or sex toys) can cause dryness and hence, lubrication can enhance your experience. 
  5. Using lube with sex toys is a great idea. Sex toys, unlike our bodies, are not self-lubricating, and hence, lubing them up can make it a better experience. If you 
  6. Lube decreases abrasion and increases friction. This may sound contradictory, but it genuinely does a good job. If you’re doing it alone or with a sex toy, it can increase pleasure two-fold.
  7. If you like anal sexual activity, this is a must-have. Asses don’t lubricate themselves. 
  8. It reduces (water-based lube) latex and non-latex condom-breakage because it reduces abrasion for penis-vagina sex. 
  9. It makes things taste better lol (personal favorite: edible cherry flavor but some people find it too sugary tasting)

When you’re using it, try with a little at first and then build it up slowly. Using too much can leave stains (depending on the kind of lube you use) on your bed. That shit can get everywhere and get everything sticky, so be careful. 

There are three kinds of lubes:

  1. Oil-based: You will never have to reapply this during the entirety of your sexual activity since this provides optimal lubrication. This can also be used to give your sex partner a massage 😉 However, do not attempt to use this with a condom since it increases the chances of ripped condoms. Moreover, oil-based lubes are associated with infections (bacterial vaginosis, for example), can stain your sheets/clothes, and can be difficult to clean up. 
  2. Silicone: Silicone is hypoallergenic and lasts longer. However, this can deteriorate the surface of silicone toys and over time, can make your silicone toys less sanitary (and create bacterial growth). Silicone-based lubes are usually safe to use with condoms. But I always recommend doing research depending on the type of condom you are using. 
  3. Water-based: This is something I fully recommend for people having safe sex with condoms. It comes in edible varieties and reduces condom breakage. Can be used with silicone toys and can spice up any sexual activity. 

Personally, I use the Durex Play Crazy Cherry that is sold at Etos and Kruidvat, and sometimes, it’s on discount! There’s a large selection of lube options and I recommend researching it and finding the best fit for yourself. 

I hope this helps you maximize pleasure <3 I would like to make a disclaimer that this article may be better suited to cisgendered people and I apologize if this article is not as applicable to you. Please do let me know if you have any input on how I could have included you better, in case you feel underrepresented by this article. As a cisgender, queer woman, I tried to cover as much ground as possible, but I know that my positionality can be limiting. Feel free to leave a comment. 😉




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