Day: November 12, 2015

EDITORS’ “In Dream”

Perfectly minimalistic and incredibly complex by Eden van der Moere September and October were some very fruitful months for my music collection. Almost every week, a new album that I had been waiting for was released, such as Ryan Adams’ 1989, CHVRCHES’ Every Open Eye and Lana Del Rey’s Honeymoon. But this album, is an…

The Waters of Mars

by Sanne Tol LAST year NASA celebrated its 10-year anniversary of Mars explora-tions by Mars rovers Spirit and Oppor-tunity, that were sent to Mars to search its surfaces for evidence of past water. This month NASA could report that there is not only evidence for past wa-ter, but also for present water. Humans haven been…

The Elliott Food Team

How fridges and Chilling Chickens became part of daily life by Tessa van Hoorn “CHILLING Chicken”, “Healthy Hummus”, “Mag-nificent Mozzarella” and more; these are not ways to teach children some-thing about either food or linguistics (alliteration awesomeness), but are some of the heroes of the Elliott Food Team. They have become part of my daily…

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