Month: February 2016

Stukafest 2016: A Festival Review

By Eden van der Moere 2016 marks the three year anniversary of Stukafest, a performing arts festival hosted by students, in their own houses. Between beer crates and dirty socks, upcoming artists perform their tracks. Last Tuesday, I went to the Stukafest in Middelburg, where I visited little concerts performed in the students’ houses of my…

Running for a Big Board: Why and How?

By Debby-Esmée de Vlugt As the spring semester is progressing, we are getting closer to one of UCR’s most discussed events of the year: the big board elections. Election gossip has become a part of our daily lives again, and the ‘All Boards General Info Session’ has already taken place last week. While some first…

Spring Introweek 2016

by Florith Ruigrok and Anneleen van der Meer Although this spring Introweek introduced only a small group of students to UCR, our RASA chair was very clear: we might not think it is a big deal, but for the people joining our community, it most certainly is. So full of energy and good intentions, we…

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