Month: March 2017

RAW Talent

UCR’s Review of Arts and Writing (RAW) magazine has long prided itself on its ability to provide a well-curated, high quality product showcasing our community’s creative abilities. The current board does not disappoint – the Fall 2016 RAW edition was ripe with experimental art and visually pleasing photo pieces. Amidst the busy preparations already underway…

Degrees of literality

Proposal for a 5-degree indexation for the literality of written text With the rise of digital communication, most notably that via textual conversation, comes an increased uncertainty surrounding the nuanced interpretation of written text. One of the particular sources of unclarity that is exacerbated in digital communication in comparison to direct conversation, is the matter of literality….

Women’s March Amsterdam

By Joëlle Koorneef This Saturday, the 11th of March, the Women’s March on Amsterdam will take place. Go to the Women’s March to hear other people’s stories. Go to understand that we are all there for different reasons, with different backgrounds and different demands. If you think you know who is a ‘woman’, think again….

Fake News And Alternative Facts

The concept of ‘fake news’ has been in the public eye in the US since the news broke that during the 2016 elections, various websites have been sharing fabricated articles critical of Hillary Clinton and supportive of Donald Trump. However, the term was soon picked up by Trump’s team and supporters to refer to any…

An Interview With Wouter Meijer: “Sports, royalty and a little bit of sex before the weather”

By Mijke van Leersum On the 22nd of February, Professor Luscombe’s students in the Capstone-course Comparative Media (CAP 317) got to conduct a skype-interview with Wouter Meijer, a reporter with the NOS (the Dutch public broadcast corporation) who was stationed as a foreign correspondent in Berlin from 2008 until 2014. Ever since he moved back,…

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