Tabula Rasa Spring I Print Edition: Diversity

At Tabula Rasa, we decided we wanted to do things just a tiny bit different this Spring semester. That’s why we’re releasing not one, but two full-blown print editions this semester! The first, themed ‘diversity’, will be released in just a few days, while the second is coming your way after the Spring break, featuring the infamous annual sex survey.

But right now we’re talking about the first print edition of the semester, with the theme ‘diversity’. From an editorial perspective, ‘diversity’ is an incredibly fascinating, but also quite challenging topic for this student magazine. With this edition of Tabula Rasa, we want to look beyond race and inclusion, namely at personal experiences, literary examples and the stories that shape us into the unique snowflakes we are. The theme is amazingly captivating, because diversity can be approached from a myriad of different angles and it’s especially interesting to approach from the perspective of our little UCR bubble. However, diversity as a theme is also quite challenging, as it’s a controversial topic where a lot of people have very strong and personal opinions about. That’s why we wanted to provide a platform where people could share their take on diversity, and in the process inspire, challenge and entertain others.

In more practical terms, the diversity theme is featured as a narrative throughout Tabula Rasa’s four sections. Every section includes one article dedicated to the topic of diversity, approached from an arts & culture, current affairs, out & about and UCR angle. Continue reading to find out what diversity-themed articles will be featured in the upcoming Spring I Print Edition!

Arts & Culture

In the upcoming print edition, Arts & Culture section editor Noga Amiri is in search of “diverse” literature. As a result, she lists four brand-new literary releases with a focus on race, origin and sexuality. These releases include Morgan Parker’s There Are More Beautiful Things Than Beyoncé (are there, though?) and The Refugees by Pulitzer Price winner Viet Thanh Nguyen.

Current Affairs

Not in the mood for literary discoveries? Then put on your party head and prepare yourself for the upcoming Dutch elections! On March 15th, it’s time to vote for your political part of choice and Renske Wienen is here to make that decision a little easier. In her article with a sharp personal edge and a great dose of humour, she rates Dutch political parties according to their so-called ‘party-factor’. The battle for best Elliott party organizer has begun…

Out & About

Our one and only Out & About section editor Yonna Kuipers went on a search for diversity in our little town and shows you a completely different side of her section. Yonna’s quest led her to the AZC (asylum center) right here in Middelburg, where UCR student Elizabeth Mcpherson has worked for nineteen months. At the AZC, Elizabeth helped her clients with legal advice, the asylum process, and she shared her experiences in a candid interview.


But let’s not forget the diversity within our own little bubble! UCR section editor Gerjanne Hoek set up her very own Humans of UCR project, in celebration of our own diversity. With her camera snap-shot ready, Gerjanne embarked on her mission to photograph and interview students in their natural habitat: the Elliott study lounge, in line for the printers or just walking down the Lange Noordstraat.

All of these articles and many more will be featured in the upcoming Tabula Rasa Spring I Print Edition! Secure yourself a copy by stopping by our release party during the lunch break on Monday March 6. You can find the entire general board, free cake and the fresh-from-the-press print editions in the Elliott mensa! Click on the link right here for the official Facebook event!


Design sent in by Steven van de Graaf.

Eden van der Moere, Class of 2017, is a literature, linguistics and theatre & media studies major from Goes, the Netherlands.

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