What’s your damage, Heather?

What’s the 411? Already got homework? Tuition too high? Ugh, grody to the max. Okay, so maybe we weren’t all the homecoming king and queen, but that doesn’t mean that high school was a total blow? From dexters to ditzes, grab your scrunchies and get ready for this semester’s biggest hit: Heathers the Musical.

Should you go? Like, no duh! Westerberg High class of ‘89 was like a total drag, and beautiful, brainy, and maybe a bit batty, Veronica Sawyer is just trying to survive high school – but between the exciting new JD and the Heathers it’s going to be harder than anticipated. Executed in an outrageous performance, this show is a killer.

Leader of the Heathers and bodacious babe to the max is Heather Chandler, who rules the school with her BFFs Heather Duke and Heather McNamara. They are Satan’s favorite girl-group. With songs that will totally be your jam for weeks to come to a plot that you’ll be gunning for, take a chill pill and just veg out with us. The musical is all student run and was rehearsed and set up within one week – I mean what kind of dedication is that? Totally legit.

You’ll be stoked to see this performance, and don’t forget to bring your wallet. Forgot your money at home? Well that’s very very. Get real, we’re not running a charity here. So let’s shine a light on the situation: going to this show is the best option you have. What else will you do? Sit at home and watch cat videos or be productive and do your work? Boring, much? Take your best friend, or your sworn enemy (they’re the same thing right?), and get your tickets. All jokes and terrible 80s Valley Girl slang aside, the show Heathers: the Musical has so many twists and turns and catchy songs that it won’t be surprising if it’s the highlight of your evening.

So make your way over to De Spot this Thursday February 2nd, doors open at 20:00 and your voluntary contribution will very much appreciated!!!! Click ‘going’ here.

Honorary TR contributor Michaela Steil was part of the Class of 2017, but is now studying Studio Art with a concentration in Photography at Stony Brook University, New York.

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