A Cut Above the Rest: An Easy Guide to Your Next Hair Appointment

A fresh start, while exciting, brings a boatload of problems with it. Questions of where to shop, drink, eat, bike, and where to walk to not get hit by bikes are probably at the forefront of many first years. However, those are not questions you see popping up on the Welcome to UCR Facebook page. Besides people asking whether Elliott is open on the weekend (they are) or whether someone can let them into Eleanor, a definite frequently asked question is where to go for a haircut. Thankfully our community doesn’t shy away from recommending their favorite places, but this doesn’t make deciding where to go any easier. I would have loved to try all the hairdressers in Middelburg to give you my personal opinion, but I’ve only got so much hair (and money)… I therefore also had to result to the well-loved Welcome to UCR page to ask for your experiences with hairdressers. A big shout-out to everyone who responded, you are the real MVPs here! So based on your fellow students’ experience, this diagram was created to detangle this hair-splitting decision. Chop chop!

O&A - Hairdressers


Yonna Kuipers, Class of 2017, is a linguistics and history major from Schiedam, the Netherlands.

Image by Lucy Nicholson/Reuters

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