Thoughts on Concerts: Music to Look Forward To

By Alisa Adams

While we are still on the subject of celebrating live music, why not venture outside of UCR? Since I moved to the Netherlands I have been to a total of eight concerts- which is a lot of international acts to have seen in just one year, I know! However, I would implore all of you to invest in concerts, because you will never enjoy an artist’s music as much as you will when hearing it live. The lyrics and rhythm of every single song emanates in your body like never before and it is like hearing the songs for the very first time.

I will admit I went a bit crazy moving to a place where international concerts were so easily accessible. In Zimbabwe, we get an international act about every 10 years! So you can imagine my excitement when I realized that almost everyone passes through Amsterdam when they are on tour. Even though we are all plagued by deadlines, classes and tests, we need to realize that our souls need an escape from school. So why not get out of your head by letting music in and creating memories, which I guarantee will last a lifetime. The memories made at concerts are unforgettable and leave you with an interesting and unique story to tell for the next three years. Not many people would have seen the same shining lights, heard the same riffs and seen the same characters as you, even if they were at the same concert. Not only will this commitment bring you closer to the friends you decide to embark on the journey with, but it will also forge unspoken connections with complete strangers. Just knowing you are all sharing this special moment together will connect you in a way that not many other things in this world can do. Did you know that listening to music you enjoy decreases levels of the stress hormone cortisol in your body? If this refers just to music through your earphones, can you just imagine the effect live music has on your body!

Granted, we all know that concerts can be pretty pricey depending on how big the artist is that you want to see. So, there are a few things to consider before you make the commitment, not only to buy the ticket, but also to travel to wherever the concert will be. The first thing: how much do you actually like the artist? Sure, you know three songs word-for-word by artist X, but is that really a reason to be eating two minute noodles for the next few weeks? I would say, if you cannot listen to artist X’s albums for a full day without getting sick of the music, the concert might not be worth it for you. If you cannot envision yourself dancing and singing along with a large crowd of people then maybe sit this one out and wait for an artist around that really gets your blood pumping. Also, some artists only have very good radio voices and are not as good live, so I would recommend doing your research before having your favorite jams ruined. Second thing: where will the concert be? If you have to take three trains, a bus, and find somewhere to stay for the night, chances are that the journey will kill your hype for the concert. If you have to put in too much strain to see artist X, it might just end up taking away from the experience in the end.

Once all of this has been taken care of and you have fully committed to the experience, just let your excitement gradually build when you listen to artist X’s music. When that wave of excitement hits you, it feels like a current is flowing through you from your head to your toes, setting your soul aflame. Now, many people think that this feeling differs depending on the type of live music you are listening to but honestly, I find it to not be the case. From Phil Collins to Ariana Grande or Kendrick Lamar, the adrenaline which pumps through you is exactly the same. Truth be told, you will never feel as free to be yourself as you do in the midst of a live performance by your favorite artist. If you are feeling anything other than freedom from your inhibitions, you are doing it wrong! If you have ever gone to a concert of someone you really love (which I hope most people have), you know exactly I am talking about.

Did you know that FKJ and Khalid are performing in October, and Sabrina Claudio, Mr Eazi, and Zedd are in November? SongKick is a great website to keep you updated on any concerts which will be happening in any of the cities you choose to track. This way you can never miss out on any upcoming concerts and have enough time to plan ahead with all of your friends!


Alisa Adams, Class of 2021, is a Law and Politics major from Harare, Zimbabwe.



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