Male Friendship

By Heleen Vanagt

We come across many friendships in life. Some of them come very naturally to us and others take a bit of effort. Girls compliment each other while drunk in a bathroom and are suddenly besties. Guys talk once for two minutes and can bro out for the rest of their lives. Solidifying a good friendship happens less often. However, once in a while, you can spot those duos of friends that are amazingly solid. For men, this is even more special, because society is often a very big hurdle in order for them to become friends. There is a huge stigma to guys showing emotions, but when they do, their friendships become even more unique and special. Men are supposed to be tough, talk about sports and cars and definitely not be physical with each other. Whenever I see such a duo of two men, that are able to be open with each other, have physical contact, and be as close as they want to be, my heart makes a tiny jump of happiness. They were able to overcome the hurdles that society put upon them. They were able to decide that it is more important to be there for each other. To live and laugh and to always have a buddy to turn to. Here are three of such duos that I have been lucky enough to meet during my time at UCR.

Diede and Martijn



“It’s a bromance and it’s a bit intense.” – Diede and Martijn


Borga and Luis

“Having fun.” – Borga

“He’s part of my family.” – Luis


Emil and Liam

“Surf buddies that are always on the same wavelength.” – Emil and Liam




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