Don’t buy me flowers

Don’t buy me flowers.

They may represent the beauty

Of the life we live together

They will one day die

And I hope our love never will.


Don’t buy me chocolates.

They may taste as sweet as the “I love you”

That you utter each day

They will one day disappear

And I hope you never will.


Don’t take me out to dinner.

It may show that you care

That too is temporary 

Soon lost in time

And I hope to never lose you.


If you want to show me your love,

Don’t fool yourself

With the nuances of romance.

For although they bring joy

They are fleeting.


If you want to show me your love

Tell me so.

Embody it.

Day in and day out.

So it may persist through time.


– Lexi Czulewicz


Image credits: Radical Babe Studios


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