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The Muffled Beats of the War Drum

Vincent de Ruiter Staff Writer  On Saturday, 31 August, President Barack Obama announced his support of “military involvement” in the Syrian civil war. Citing State Department reports of evidence that the regime of Basher al-Assad had used chemical weapons against its own citizens, Obama called for military action against the Syrian regime, with congressional approval….

Slow Food: I Love It.

By Lisanne Cheizoo Staff Writer  The semester has started, and for most of us it is time to leave our lovely home-cooked meals behind and start cooking for ourselves again. Cooking is always a challenge because not only do we want to have cheap food, it also has to be easy to make and within…

Coming Soon: the 100

By Hilde van den Berg School and university have started again, eliciting groans from everyone who isn’t in their first year. But fear not, for autumn always brings something sweet to go along with the bitter taste of living up to expectations. No, not Winter; TV season is coming up again.

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