Month: April 2020

Fill the Void

By Justin Kist Now is not the time to rest your weary head. As we are kilometers apart, ranging from a few to some thousands, life continues. The world turns and so does UCR. Assignments, exams, and projects still exist. In a different set-up, yes, but it still continues. Like UCR always seems to do….

Dear International Students

By Tallie Nikitchyuk   Hey international students! You, yes, you. Where are you on the election posters? Why aren’t you seeing yourselves welcoming our newbies in an over-the-top Introweek costume, saving the academic day in a crisp blue blazer, serving up delicious food and drinks in the purple heart of our community, or sharing the…

Falling in Love: the Stories of UCR

Compiled by Sithis Yim Samnang You know there’s that one person when you look into their eyes, you can sense the soft idleness in your floaty little heart. You can feel the attraction and… CRASH! You fell right into that hole. And your wish is for that person to fall right back; hopefully, into yours….


by Boudica Gast   Wildflower – there are wild things around you a tangle of thistles and a web of thorns now you can’t go outside, like the gloom-monger warns well, what do you know? now you can’t get your space to grow between the growing gloom of the claws and the fangs of the…

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