Călin Marginean for RASA Chair

By Anne van Tatenhove

Could you briefly introduce yourself?

I am Călin George Marginean, a 21-year-old from Bucharest, Romania. I study political science and sociology, with a minor in history.

Why are you running for the position of RASA Chair?

As mentioned in my manifesto, I was initially really enthusiastic about RASA and its community. That closeness to RASA never went away, even when the rose-tinted glasses fell. I am running for RASA Chair because I do not want something like what happened with the Campus Life Fee to happen ever again – an illegitimate decision made by student representatives without informing or consulting the students.

What changes do you have in mind for RASA?

I would reform the nature of RASA itself to make it take care of its members in good and bad times. I would sponsor the Relief Team, and create a Tragedy Fund for times when students are at their most vulnerable – such as during the exams or when some personal tragedy happens.

Besides those, my manifesto includes points like internet voting*, online minutes, strengthening the independence of the IB, and reversing any illegitimate decisions made – but only those in RASA, as I would not be elected to involve myself in the internal affairs of other major boards.

How would you encourage students to participate in events and improve commitment to societies?

I would ensure that societies, teams, etcetera, exist for student’s entertainment, to make sure that the students feel good. Students do not exist for events, events exist for the students – so no one should feel forced to participate.

I would encourage participation in GA’s, as presence at a GA does not guarantee involvement (nor does absence guarantee non-involvement), for example by offering the possibility to participate without having to physically be there.*

What would be a new event you would love to introduce in IntRoweek?

The goal of IntRoweek should not only be to greet the new students, but also to help them onto their feet as fast as possible, by making sure they understand how to do things here. By that I mean not only the academic side but also just how to live, how to manage. They should feel like they are being cared for until their graduation.

As for new events I would to introduce – I have several ideas, which mostly relate to games and acting. One of them would for example involve swapping families. I would also tone down the competitiveness of IntRoweek, as I feel it ruins the mood.

Anne van Tatenhove, Class of 2016, is an Economics and Sociology major from Berkel en Rodenrijs, the Netherlands

EDITOR’s NOTE: The points made by Calin that are marked with an asterisk are, as confirmed by RASA, incorrect. According to RASA statutes, online voting is illegal. 

One thought on “Călin Marginean for RASA Chair

  1. I object the way the editor’s note is formulated: it is a blantantly biased.
    Statues can be amended and changed.
    Thus online voting is CURRENTELY illegal but can become so with an ammendment of the statues. Also, calling my point wrong is completely unecessary, unprofessional and uncalled for.

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