Your Mind – a Playground

I have put myself behind these metal bars, the keys nowhere to be found.

Some labels and social constructs checking in on me on the daily: “I see, you’re still trapped.”

I remember putting my mom’s sanitary pads to my knees and sliding down the hallway. Where did that person go? (Actually, probably a good thing I don’t do this anymore.)

But I still am a dreamer. The difference is though, that now, I often feel bad for wanting to feel unbounded, do things that I have never done before and do them for the sake of doing them.

To be creating keeps me sane – maybe you too? I believe it is important to allow these wild thoughts to arise. To not brush them off as “just another silly fantasy.” Our minds are like playgrounds, and as long as we don’t get stuck in the slide, it can be damn fun to explore them. Let’s listen to your natural impulses and make time to see where they take us. With a University life full of to-do lists and expectations, there needs to be some balance. We are not machines, nor does anyone really enjoy working their ass off all day every day. So, let’s have some fun with the beautiful things we can create and ways we can feel when we let go of all those shoulds and musts.

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