Expresszo: a Pinterest-worthy place


Expresszo has been one of my favorite places in Middelburg ever since my first
semester, due to its consistent quality in food, drinks and service. Also during this visit the two baristas at work were very friendly – so I might be slightly biased. The atmosphere in the bistro does not solely depend on the attitude of the baristas. Expresszo itself is exactly the kind of coffee place you would find if you would search for ‘bistro’ on Pinterest. A 1000 Instagram-enthusiasts cry out in joy by the sight of the latte art, the beautifully served cakes, and the retro artwork on the wall.


Expresszo offers a variety of options. Being a milk enthusiast, I decided to go for a chai tea latte and a piece of nut pie. The pie was great and is a nice option for the ones that do not have such a sweet tooth. Although the chai tea latte could do with a little more spices, it was still a great drink. Besides some regular coffee options, Expresszo also offers some upgraded coffee options with more Instagram-worthy names such as ‘Marry me in white’.


Right now, they still offer some summer specials such as their lemon/ginger lemonade. Although it was not homemade, it was extremely tasty. Its presentation made me feel like I was a businessman sipping whiskey while I was doing some of my reading, which felt pretty good. If you don’t have the time to sit down in Expresszo – although it is a great place for studying – you can also take away your drinks.


All in all, Expresszo is a great coffee place to take a moment off or to do some reading. You can have some coffee with a friend or take some on the go if you are having a busy day. Even if you don’t really like coffee, it is also a great place for updating your Instagram account.

Renske Wienen, Class of 2018, is a Cognitive Science and Chemistry Major from Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

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