The Christmas Plays: an ode to all the talented playwrights of UCR

It’s no secret that writing is a big part of a UCR student’s life. It is therefore also not weird that UCR knows many talented writers. The THEATRA board experienced just how talented they are just a few weeks ago, because every year, we host an event called the Christmas Plays. It’s pretty self-explanatory. They’re plays. Three of them. About Christmas.

But what makes these plays so special, is that they were written by our own students. So every year, we receive a number of scripts, ideas, or stories, which makes us very happy. But we can only choose three of them, and that makes us very sad. Because all of these plays or musicals were so incredibly cool, the decision was very hard to make. There were tears1. There was screaming2. There was even some blood3. Ladies and gentlemen, it was utterly traumatizing, but after exactly five days, twelve hours and 38 minutes, we stumbled out of the left meeting room in Elliott, hallucinating from hunger and nearly dead from thirst4, but kept alive by the fact that we had finally reached a decision.

While the rest of the THEATRA board recovers from their very severe traumas, I am proudly writing this article as an ode to all the people that sent us their ideas, scripts and stories. Seriously. All of them are so incredibly talented that I wonder why they aren’t professional writers yet. But I digress.

So, do you like Christmas5? Do you like Lord of the Rings5? Do you like musicals5? Do you like arguments and dead people6? Then come and see our Christmas Plays on the 8th of December in De Spot7, because we guarantee you all of these things and a night full of fun, amazement and Christmas spirit!

1 This was mostly because of the fact that one of us had to eat a mouthful of really gross jellybeans, which, as you may have already noticed, is completely unrelated to the picking of the Christmas Plays.

2 This was also because of the jellybeans. For video footage, I refer you to Renkse’s Snapchat.

3 This is a lie. There was no blood.

4 The account of the events in question may have been dramatized.

5 The correct answer is ‘yes’.

6 Okay, here you can say ‘no’, but I swear it’s less depressing than it seems.

7 Please?

Mila Donders, Class of 2017, is a Social Science major from a really dumb town near Tilburg, the Netherlands.

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