Koen Schotanus for RASA CAO

Dear all,

My name is Koen Schotanus and, simply put, I would love to be your CAO. At UCR, I major in mathematics and physics and am currently in my sixth semester. In the past, I have organised events and kept administration for both the Academic Affairs Council and the board of O.M.D. Erodios, on top of having organised and overseen part of the municipality of Middelburg’s new year’s reception of this year.

Right now we find ourselves in a peculiar situation. Over the past half year, the RASA Board has started a certain work flow and established their long-term goals and motivations. As such, I believe it is of utmost importance that the new CAOs are not only people who are more than willing to give up some of their free time for our student community, but also people who can find themselves in the interim board’s philosophy.

Of course, the latter does not mean that I do not have a philosophy of my own. Having observed the amount of events that come by on a yearly basis and the amount of students they attract on average, I want to encourage societies to use RASA budget for less, but bigger events where possible.

Furthermore, I want to improve transition and administration where possible. This paves the way for the next board so that they may let their creativity and RASA spirit run its course.

Together we can make RASA great again.

Any questions or points of concern? Feel free to ask or tell me in whatever way you see fit. I can also be reached over e-mail at [email protected]

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