Ruben van den Akker for RASA CAO

Hello, my name is Ruben van den Akker.

I am a second semester student, majoring in Politics and Economics and I am running to become your RASA CAO for the rest of the semester. In my first semester I have enjoyed the activities organized by all the societies and tried to join as many as possible, ranging from playing sports, to joining the Foodcrawl with locals organized by PUMA, to partying. In this semester I became more active in the part of UCR that organizes the activities for students, namely the boards and teams. I joined the Elliott Foodteam as a volunteer recently and I am the Chair of the Summer Trip Team for 2017.

As a CAO I want to be reachable for all the societies. As I understood from the infosession, and also from conversations with the current board members personally, a CAO has meetings with each of their societies at the begin and the end of the semester, but your most important job is to assist the societies reaching their full potential. This means being available for questions and to help out where needed any time. I feel that I am suitable for this because I got to know something of most of the societies already by joining their activities, furthermore I feel capable of being a CAO since I am a second semester and therefore still have a lot of time to dedicate to the different societies and RASA. I want to give every society the time and attention they need, since the activities they organize can differ hugely per society. I think that I can add to the current RASA board and assist them in this way, since they are not able to focus as much on the societies as they want to.

I hope I convinced you all to vote for me!




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